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We appreciate Multi-Sport, Multi-interest athletes.  Still join your soccer, baseball, etc. teams.  Perform in the Community Play.  Come and go as you can.  We will be there when we say we will be.  This will not limit your participation in meets.  Come as often as you would like but when you do attend expect to work.  We hope to see you there!

All participants will practice during the same training time.  However, once practice begins, we will divide up into two training groups.  During our longer practices, our younger athletes may not be willing to be practice 1-2 hours.  Parents may be asked to pick up younger athletes sooner than the posted time.

Our Grade School/Middle School (2nd-6th grade) *- This group will focus on learning the fundamentals of Track and Field.  Athletes in this group will be exposed to all disciplines until potentially settling on a specific event(s).  However, the focus for this group will be more general track and field training and exposure to proper techniques

Our Middle School*/High School Group (7-12th Grade) - The Focus of this program will be to offer both exposure to multiple disciplines/events but also allow individual training time allowing athletes/coaches to specialize and customize workouts.  Discipline specific coaching will be a part of this program.  Athletes will be able to choose their specific events with recommendations from the coaching staff as necessary.

AAU and USATF are the governing track organizations 

Athletes wishing to participate in AAU and USATF junior Olympic programs must participate in the following qualifying meets: State meet, Regional meet and AAU/USATF Junior Olympics 

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