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2024 Outdoor Season Information and Registration

We appreciate Multi-Sport, Multi-interest athletes.  Still join your soccer, baseball, etc. teams.  Perform in the Community Play.  Come and go as you can.  We will be there when we say we will be.  We hope you are there.  This will not limit your participation in meets.

Come as often as you would like but when you do attend expect to work.

All participants will practice during the same training time.  However, once practice begins, we will divide up into two training groups.  During our longer practices, our younger athletes may not be willing to be practice 1-2 hours.  Parents may be asked to pick up younger athletes sooner than the posted time.

Varsity Program:  This program is designed for all athletes in our middle school/high school group (7th-12th grade) and those highly competitive younger athletes.  Athlete's in the Varsity program will compete at USATF and AAU  state, regional and national meets, as well as the USATF's All-Age Meets if so desired.  The focus of this program will be to offer both exposure to multiple disciplines/events but also allow individual training time allowing athletes/coaches to specialize and customize workouts.  Discipline specific coaching will be a part of this program.  Athletes will be able to choose their specific events with recommendations from the coaching staff as necessary.


Junior Program:  This program is designed for athletes with prior track and field experience and those athletes who would like to only compete in USATF's All-Comers Meets.  Generally this program is a good fit for our Grade School/Middle School (2nd-6th grade) athletes.  This group will focus on learning the fundamentals of Track and Field.  Athletes in this group will be exposed to all disciplines until potentially settling on a specific event(s).  However, the focus for this group will be more general track and field training and exposure to proper techniques


Developmental Program:  This program is designed for new to track and field to intermediate athletes or those athletes who would like to train and not compete.  This group will focus on introduction to Track and Field, discovering what Track and Field is about, learning each event and focus on general track and field training and beginning exposure to proper techniques.  

High School Athlete Training Program:  This program is designed for all high school athletes (including incoming freshman and graduating seniors) who may not have the time to commit to a full varsity season and/or those athletes who just want to continuing training.  

The 2024 outdoor season runs from June 3rd through August 3rd.  Practice days are as follows:


Varsity Program: Monday-Thursday / 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

Junior Program: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday / 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Developmental Program: Monday and Wednesday / 6:30-8:30 p.m.

High School Athlete Training Program: Monday-Thursday / 6:30-8:30 p.m.


AAU and USATF are the governing track organizations 

Athletes wishing to participate in AAU and USATF Junior Olympic programs must participate in the following qualifying meets: State meet, Regional meet and AAU/USATF Junior Olympics 

USATF Meet Qualification Procedure

Top 8 kids in each event at state meet qualifies to regional meet.
Top 5 finishers will have the opportunity to advance to USATF National Junior Olympics
Kids participate in double age groups starting with 8 & under after that they are grouped in 2 ages (ex. 9 & 10yrs) 

USATF State Championship - June 13-16, 2024

Location Lakeville South High School, Lakeville, MN

USATF Regional Meet  - July 4-7, 2024

Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD

USATF National Meet -  July 22-28, 2024

Texas A&M University, Houston, Texas

Relays-  Relays must be formed within the age group. There is no “grabbing” younger age kids to fill out older relay. Example: must have four 13-14 year old's of same gender to compete in relay.

AAU Meet Qualification Procedure ​

Top 16 kids in each event at state meet qualifies to regional meet. 

All kids who finish in the top 6 at Regional advance to National Junior Olympics. 

Junior Olympics will involve competition against the top kids from all 50 states.

Kids run in single age groups up to 15 years old then ages are combined (15-16 and 17-18). 

DISTRICT QUALIFIER - June 22-23, 2024

Top 16 in each event advance to Regional Meet 

(Brooklyn Center HS - 6500 Humboldt Ave N) 

REGIONAL MEET - June 27th- 30th, 2024 

Top 6 in Running & Field Events Advance To Nationals

(Mounds View High School, MN)

NATIONAL MEET - July 27th-Aug 3, 2024

Top 8 “All-American"

(North Carolina A&T University Greensboro, NC)

USATF All-Comers Meets
Participants will compete in open format.
Typically mixed age groups.  Not all events are run at each meet.  

USATF All-Comers Meet #1 - June 18, 2024
USATF All-Comers Meet #2 - June 25, 2024
USATF All-Comers Meet #3 - July 9, 2024
USATF All-Comers Meet #4 - July 16, 2024
USATF All-Comers Meet #5 - 
July 30, 2024

Other Summer Meets


  • AAU West Coast  National Championship 

  • AAU Primary Nationals 

  • AAU Club Championship 

  • AAU West Coast Junior Olympics 



  • 2024 USATF National Youth Outdoor Championships 


​Traveling to/from Regional and National Meets

All athletes and families are responsible for transportation and accommodations to/from Regionals and Nationals.  Victory TFC staff will organize a block of hotel rooms or area of Airbnb/VRBO and will communicate with all families about travel and accommodations.  


All Team AAU and USATF registered athlete receive Participant Accident coverage and Liability coverage through the AAU and USATF during practices and sanctioned meets. This coverage does require a deductible to be paid by the parent or guardian per occurrence. (For more detailed information on coverage check the following websites and 

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from Victory Track and Field Club

Expectations of Parents 

  • Deliver your child to practices and meets on time. 

  • To lead or be involved in 1 or more committees/fundraising

  • Respect and support the coaching staff. (They all are unpaid volunteers) 

  • Participate in at least two fundraising events. 

  • Provide a copy of birth certificates 

  • Ensure that your comments to your child are consistent with the coaching staff. 

  • Communicate with the coaching staff/Registrar if your child is planning on participating in meets locally, regionally, and nationally

  • Provide your child with nutritious meals the day before and day of track meets/practices.  Encourage proper sleeping habits

  • Pay fees in a timely manner. 

  • Parents who are disrespectful to coaches or other parents – kids will be subject to dismissal from team (No fees will be refunded)  

  • Coaches/Athletes and parents collectively will help pick athletes events for me

Expectations of Student – Athletes

  • Athletes are expected to Respect 

    • Themselves

    • Teammates

    • Coaches/Team Personnel

    • Community and Facilities

    • Their Family

    • Their Faith

  • All athletes are expected to attend practices and give 110% effort consistently.  Work to get better everyday.

  • Any athlete that is disruptive at practice and/or is causing others to lose the quality of their workout may be excused from practice that day. 

  • Athletes representing Victory Track and Field Club will be expected to compete wearing our uniform.

  • Athletes will be expected to help support Victory TFC teammates in other age groups and events.  


Step One-  Go to USATFMN  and register for an individual membership (you can choose the length of membership you wish).  Please select Club Affiliation to be Club # USATF(30-0465) Victory Track and Field.  First time registrants will be asked to submit a copy of Birth Certificate to the USATF MN office. please register for the AAU individual membership and use AAU Club Code: (W3BWW8) for Victory Track and Field Club. 
​step 1. 
step 2. Join AAU 

Step Two-Complete Registration Form below, pay the deposit upon receipt of invoice and the remainder in full by June 3rd.  Upon registration a Square invoice will be sent to your provided email with a link to pay the deposit.  All payments must be made via Square using credit card or ACH, and upon request, AfterPay.  No Venmo, Cash App, Checks etc.  

Due Upon Registration - CLUB FEE $970.00 (Varsity)
Club Membership
Facility Fees Coaches, Meet Registration Fees, Team T-Shirt, 
Equipment, Banquet, Overhead, Meet Registration Fees, Food and Drink

Payment is due in full upon registration

Due Upon Registration - CLUB FEE $675.00 (Junior Program) 

Club Membership

Facility Fees Coaches, Meet Registration Fees, Team T-Shirt, Equipment, Banquet, Overhead, Meet Registration Fees, Food and Drink

Payment is due in full upon registration

Due Upon Registration - CLUB FEE $448.00 (Development Program) 

Club Membership

Facility Fees, Coaches, Team T-Shirt, Equipment, Banquet

Payment is due in full upon registration

Due Upon Registration - CLUB FEE $550.00 (High School Athlete Training Program) 

Club Membership

Facility Fees, Coaches, Team T-Shirt, Equipment, Banquet

Payment is due in full upon registration

**Team Uniform 
**Travel costs to regional, national meets
**Additional training (preseason, winter)
**Training Shoes/Track
**AAU Membership

**USATF Membership

Required Player Pack: Black Singlet and Black Shorts

National Player Pack: White Singlet


Required Travel Pack: Black Warm up Jacket and Pants and White T-Shirt

All Varsity athletes must purchase the required player pack, travel pack and nationals player pack.  

All Junior program athletes must purchase the required player pack.  

Optional, but encouraged purchase: Victory Nike Backpack. 

If your athlete plans to compete at the USATF All-Comers meets, they must have the required player pack.    

Apparel is open to everyone.  We have a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants and shorts.

Please click on the uniform picture to the right to purchase uniforms and Victory apparel. 

VTFC Uniforms.png
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