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October and November / Strength and Conditioning Training beginning October 2, 2023.



L.A. Fitness - Brooklyn Park and/or Mounds View High School                                                            


Practice Schedule

Monday and Wednesday 

6:00-7:30 p.m.

Pre-Season Pricing

Age Group                         Per Session          Package 1                Package 2               Package 3 

                                                                             (4 Sessions)            (8 Sessions)              (10 Sessions)


12 and under                             20.00                               60.00                                  120.00                           150.00

13 and up                                   30.00                               100.00                                 200.00                            250.0

Indoor Season 

December to March beginning December 4, 2023.



White Bear Lake High School - North Campus , Mounds View High School, U of M                                          


Practice Schedule


3:30-6:00 p.m.

Monday and Wednesday

6:45-8:30 p.m.

Indoor Season Monthly Athlete Fees: $300.00   


AAU and USATF Meets

Schedules to be released

AAU Meet Qualification Procedure ​

Top 16 athletes in each event at state meet qualifies to regional meet. 
All athletes who finish in the top 6 at Regional advance to National Junior Olympics. 
Junior Olympics will involve competition against the top kids from all 50 states.
Athletes run in single age groups up to 15 years old then ages are combined (15-16 and 17-18). 

USATF Meet Qualification Procedure

Top 8 athletes in each event at state meet qualifies to regional meet.
Top 5 finishers will have the opportunity to advance to USATF National Junior Olympics
Athletes participate in double age groups starting with 8 & under after that they are grouped in
2 ages (ex. 9 & 10yrs) 

Relays-  Relays must be formed within the age group. There is no “grabbing” younger age athletes to fill out older relay. Example: must have four 13-14 year old's of same gender to compete in relay.



All Team AAU and USATF registered athlete receive Participant Accident coverage and Liability coverage through the AAU and USATF during practices and sanctioned meets. This coverage does require a deductible to be paid by the parent or guardian per occurrence. (For more detailed information on coverage check the following websites and 

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from Victory Track and Field Club

Expectations of Families

  • Deliver your athlete to practices and meets on time. 

  • To lead or be involved in 1 or more committees/fundraising

  • Respect and support the coaching staff. 

  • Participate in at least one fundraising events. 

  • Communicate with the coaching staff/Registrar if your athlete is planning on participating in meets locally, regionally, and nationally

  • Provide your athlete with nutritious meals the day before and day of track meets/practices.  Encourage proper sleeping habits

  • Pay fees in a timely manner. 

  • Families who are disrespectful to coaches or other families – athletes will be subject to dismissal from team (No fees will be refunded)  

  • Coaches/Athletes and families collectively will help pick events

Expectations of Athletes

  • Athletes are expected to Respect 

    • Themselves

    • Teammates

    • Coaches/Team Personnel

    • Community and Facilities

    • Their Family

    • Their Faith


  • All athletes are expected to attend practices and give 110% effort consistently.  Work to get better everyday.

  • Any athlete that is disruptive at practice and/or is causing others to lose the quality of their workout may be excused from practice that day. 

  • Athletes representing Victory Track and Field Club will be expected to compete wearing our uniform.

  • Athletes will be expected to help support Victory TFC teammates in other age groups and events.  


Step One-  Go to USATFMN  and register for an individual membership (you can choose the length of membership you wish).  Please select Club Affiliation to be Club # USATF(30-0465) Victory Track and Field.  First time registrants will be asked to submit a copy of Birth Certificate to the USATF MN office. please register for the AAU individual membership and use AAU Club Code: (W3BWW8) for Victory Track and Field Club. 

​step 1. 
step 2. Join AAU 

Step Two-Complete Form and submit fee (checks made out to Victory TFC) and mail to : Victory TFC John Teah  1900 Lake Valentine Road Arden Hills, MN 55112​



Monthly Tuition does not include the following: 

**Club Membership
**Facility Rentals
**Coaches Fees

Monthly Tuition does not include the following: 
**Team Uniform 
**Travel costs to regional, national meets
**Additional training (preseason)
**Training Shoes/Track
**AAU Membership

**USATF Membership

Team Uniforms and Apparel

Click Here to Order Uniforms

Meet Registration Fees, Team Activities, Team CarbO Loads


Meet registration fees will be covered through Victory’s fundraising efforts.  All fundraising will go towards meet registrations, team activities, and travel.  The more we fundraise, the less we pay out of pocket. 


About Victory Track and Field 


Victory Track and Field strives to be a nonprofit organization that advocates for the experience of track and field and eliminates the barriers for youth wishing to participate in track and field.  Victory does this in the following ways: Promote team building by organizing team activities; foster positive relationships between athletes, coaches, families and staff; offset track and field expenses related to the competitive season through fundraising and sponsorships. Our goal is to earn enough funds through our fundraising efforts that some or all of the expenses for the season will be covered and in turn eligible members will receive fundraising distributions at the end of the season. We are excited about the 2023-2024 indoor season and hope to see you there!

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